About Urban 

Innovations putting practice into practice: Since 1984, Urban has been developing, producing and distributing calf milk mixers, calf feeders and concentrate stations as well as animal-friendly rearing systems for calves. Calves kept in an outdoor environment and supplied by CalfMom feeders are healthy and vital; calf death losses are low. This early phase of the calf’s life already includes the metabolic pro- gramming for high milk and life performance as dairy cow from which you profit later on

Urban products such as the MilkShuttle and the CalfMom are the standard in modern calf rearing today. This has been repeatedly confirmed by many satisfied customers. Over the course of years, the demand for Urban feeding technology and stall systems has expanded well beyond northern Germany. In the meantime, Urban devices are in use worldwide in more than 40 countries on all five continents.

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