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About Insentec

As part of the HokoFarm-Group, Insentec BV concentrates on the development and sales of highly qualified mechanics, optics, animal identification, Electronics and management systems for the international Agri and Nutri business. Idento operations, as the back office organization, is the logistic company within the Hokofarm-Group responsible for R&D, production, assembly, Service, and administration.

An international network of authorized OEM’ers, distributors and dealers are an important part of the success of Insentec BV. Our company philosophy “Focus on Efficiency” emphasizes the central roll of the end user. The modern dairy-  and pig farmer are using the Insentec equipment and techniques for many years now, to full satisfaction. The Insentec equipment contributes to more efficiency in your business operation which is the key to optimization and development of your business result. 

By using a milking robot, the whole farm management is changing. More, and better available data can be used for an easier and improved farm management. The Galaxy-Starline is using all the collected data to assist the farm manager  by showing the necessary attentions via the Saturnus software on the management PC. The milk and milk quality process is being checked online, with SMART © abnormal milk is separated via SMART-COLLECT © and SENSE © will attend the farm manager on changing udder health at quarter level. The Galaxy-Starline is besides a milking robot, a valuable assistant in farm management.


For more information on these robotic milkers go to Insentecs website or call our offices and ask for Bruce and he will be able to answer any questions you may have.